Frequently Asked Questions

If you need assistance with the City of Boston Procurement website or the Supplier Portal, please email the support team at or calling 617-635-4564. 

Support Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST

If you have questions related to specifics of an Event, review the Event Details for contact information.

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What is the Supplier Portal?
How do I get access to the City of Boston Supplier Portal?
Do I need to download any special software to my computer to access the enhancements?
What if I do not have regular access to a computer to submit a bid online?
What are the benefits of registering on the Supplier Portal?
Can I browse the City of Boston’s bid events without registering for the Supplier Portal?
Can I have multiple users for my account?
If I am already registered as a Bidder, do I also need to register as a Vendor?
How do I become an approved Vendor for the City of Boston?
Where can I find my Vendor ID?
How do I update my vendor information?
I have registered for the Supplier Portal. What do I do next?
I have forgotten my password and cannot login to the Supplier Portal. How can my password be reset?
I received an error when uploading a file attachment during my bid response. What do I do?
Where can I get additional help?