The Department of Neighborhood Development is an equal opportunity employer that offers diverse job opportunities to fill a wide array of program activities in housing and business development.

Our mission at the Department of Neighborhood Development (DND) is to make Boston the most livable city in the nation by working with communities to build strong neighborhoods through the strategic investment of public resources.

DND is an agency that turns urban vision into an urban reality. We operate at the intersection of policy & implementation in the areas of housing, small business development, and neighborhood improvement.

If you go into every neighborhood in Boston, DND is there.

DND is staffed by exceptionally talented people who are continually rewarded by seeing firsthand their improvements throughout the city’s neighborhoods.

A recent employee survey revealed that 90% of DND employees feel that the work they do make the City of Boston a better place.

We welcome your interest in jobs at DND. All current DND job postings can be viewed on the City of Boston's Career Center page.

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