Landlords and tenants sometimes disagree about housing issues and are unable to resolve their differences without outside help. Before going to court, landlords and tenants should consider an alternate dispute resolution such as mediation. When successful, mediation can save both parties time and legal expenses.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal process in which a mediator meets with the parties and works with them to come to an agreement that they both find satisfactory. A good mediator will be familiar with landlord-tenant law, will provide an unbiased sounding board, will act as a buffer between the parties if necessary, and will be able to help put an agreement in writing. Coming to such an agreement often requires willingness to compromise on both sides. Everything said during a mediation is confidential and cannot be used against the other party in court.

DND’s BRHC offers mediation free of charge to anyone involved in housing disputes in the City of Boston. Mediation can take place at the BRHC, in another location or on the telephone. Call 617-635-RENT (4200) to schedule a mediation session.