Home Ownership

First-Time Homebuyer

The Boston Home Center at the City of Boston’s Department of Neighborhood Development has programs for qualified first-time home-buyers. These programs include:

  • Home Buyer Education classes and workshops,

  • Credit Smart courses,

  • Financial assistance towards the purchase of a home,

  • Approved lenders with specialty mortgage programs, and

  • Consumer awareness campaigns re: homeownership scams.

For more information, call the Boston Home Center at 617-635-4663 or visit the website.
Boston Home Center

Homeowner Assistance

The Boston Home Center also has programs to assist eligible homeowners with maintaining a home.

  • HomeWorks provides technical and financial assistance with interior and exterior repairs and historic renovations of owner-occupied 1-4 family and condominium homes in Boston.

  • Senior Home Repair Program offers assistance with emergency minor/moderate health and safety repairs for Boston’s seniors 62 years old or older who owner-occupy their homes.

  • Lead-Safe Boston offers technical and financial assistance for de-leading homes.

  • Informational workshops on home repair, with de-leading maintenance resources provided by the Boston Home Center.

For more information on workshop schedules and locations, call the Boston Home Center at 617-635-4663 or visit the website.
Boston Home Center

Programs for Senior Homeowners

For senior homeowners, the following programs are also available:

  • Homeowner Options for Massachusetts Elders (HOME): Eligible homeowners in Massachusetts can receive in-home financial counseling, and can apply for a Senior Home Equity Line of Credit (SELOC) to help cover their expenses. For more information, call 1-800-583-5337.
    More Information on HOME
  • Home Modifications Loan Program: Eligible homeowners can receive low and no-interest loans to make modifications to the residences of elders, adults with disabilities, and families with children who have disabilities. For more information, contact the Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership at 617-425-6637 or visit their website.
    Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership