Finding a Tenant

Searching for a Tenant

Finding a tenant is easy. Finding a good tenant takes more effort but will be well worth your while. Here are some suggestions about how to find qualified applicants:

  • Realtors: They have experience in doing background checks for prospective tenants.

  • Newspaper ads: Include as much information about the apartment as possible.

  • Word of mouth: If a friend or acquaintance recommends someone, chances are good you will learn more about the prospective tenant than if you find them through other channels.

  • Neighborhood and School bulletin boards

  • Community, religious and social organizations

Selecting a Tenant

It is important for landlords to screen prospective tenants carefully. By doing so, a landlord can evaluate an applicant’s ability to pay the rent and to comply with other terms of the tenancy, including keeping the apartment in good condition and being considerate to the other tenants. Here are some tools to help evaluate applicants:

  1. Verify Income: A landlord could call the tenant’s employer and/or require the tenant to produce four recent, consecutive pay stubs.

  2. Landlord References: A landlord could require the prospective tenant to provide references from current and/or former landlords.

  3. Credit Report: There are agencies that report an individual's credit history for a fee.

  4. Eviction Report: There are also agencies that report information about prior evictions for a fee.

In selecting a tenant, it is also important for landlords to make sure the tenant understands and will comply with the terms of the offered tenancy. If, for example, it is important to the landlord that his tenants have no pets, or that subletting is not permitted, this should be made clear to applicants up front before they become tenants.