Special Committee on Small Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

Committee Chair:

Councillor Wu

Committee Vice Chair:

Councillor Baker

Committee Members:

Councillors Ciommo, Jackson, LaMattina

Committee E-mail:


Committee Description:

Special Committee on Small Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, which shall concern itself with the creation and growth of small business, entrepreneurship, and the innovation economy. The committee shall work to support thriving neighborhood commercial districts, including streamlining permitting and licensing, increasing access to labor and workforce development, and fostering community economic development. The committee shall also concern itself with the creation of a regulatory and resource framework that supports entrepreneurs of all backgrounds as they seek to open and grow small businesses, including support for innovation, technical assistance, and access to capital. The committee shall also concern itself with fostering the innovation environment and reputation of the city, including support for the technology sector, talent retention in related areas, and promoting partnerships dedicated to related areas. The committee shall exercise oversight with respect to the Boston Main Streets Program, Consumer Affairs & Licensing Department, Boston Licensing Board, Boston Redevelopment Authority, Office of Business Development, Department of Neighborhood Development, Inspectional Services Department, Office of Food Initiatives, Food Truck Program, Small and Local Business Enterprise Office, Zoning Board of Appeals, Boston Fire Department Fire Prevention Division, Public Works, Boston Transportation Department Off-Street Parking, Department of Innovation and Technology, New Urban Mechanics, and any other agencies, departments and programs related to small business, entrepreneurship, innovation, or technology.