Economic Development & Planning & Labor

Committee Chair:

Councillor LaMattina

Committee Vice Chair:

Councillor Murphy

Committee Members:

Councillors Flaherty, Jackson, Wu

Committee E-mail:

Committee Description:

Committee on Economic Development and Planning and Labor, which shall concern itself with the physical and economic development of the city, including financing, planning, zoning, licensing, land use policy, labor and workforce development and the effects of development on the city. The committee shall exercise exclusive oversight with respect to all commercial, medical, research, educational and large scale residential development and building projects, as well as historic preservation programs. The committee shall work to ensure community participation in the development process, that residents and their institutional neighbors are both able to share in the city’s benefits, and that the delivery of financial services are accessible, non-discriminatory and promote both small and large business and development throughout all neighborhoods. The committee shall exercise oversight with respect to the care, management, custody, and use of public lands and buildings, except parkland. The committee shall concern itself with a review of Chapter 194 of the Acts of 2011, "An Act Establishing Expanded Gaming in the Commonwealth", specifically any proposals developed for property adjacent to Boston and the impacts on the specific neighborhoods affected as well as the city as a whole relating to traffic, economic development, city finances, and quality of life issues for residents. The committee shall concern itself with policy issues affecting organized labor and members of public and private collective bargaining units, including, but not limited to wages and hours, standards and statistics, job creation and retention, occupational health and safety, and the development of employment opportunities and training programs. The committee shall exercise additional oversight with respect to the Main Streets Program, Boston Industrial Development Finance Authority, Boston Employment Commission, Boston Licensing Board, Boston Redevelopment Authority, Boston Redevelopment Authority Contract Compliance Office, Boston Resident Jobs Policy, Consumer Affairs and Licensing Department, Department of Neighborhood Development, Economic Development and Industrial Corporation, Empowerment Zones, Office of Business Development, Office of Labor Relations, Public Facilities Commission, Property and Construction Management Department, Zoning Board of Appeals, Zoning Commission, Back Bay Architectural Commission, Beacon Hill Architectural Commission, Freedom Trail Commission, and Landmarks Commission, Empowerment Zone Board, Back Streets Program, Boston Medical Center, and Small and Local Business Enterprise Office.