Healthy Women, Families, & Communities

Committee Chair:

Councillor Pressley

Committee Vice Chair:

Councillor McCarthy

Committee Members: 

Councillors Baker, Ciommo, Yancey

Committee E-mail:

Committee Description:

Committee on Healthy Women, Families, and Communities, which shall concern itself with the health and well-being of residents, stabilizing communities, as well as the adequate delivery of health and human services and city programming for youth, families, and seniors, with particular focus on girls and women. The committee shall concern itself with all public health matters including, but not limited to, domestic and sexual violence, child abuse and neglect, reproductive health, substance abuse, mentoring, mental health and trauma, hunger and homelessness, and social inequities in health. The committee shall promote efforts to stabilize communities and reduce violence. The committee shall work to encourage non-profit youth agencies to work with the city to help youth develop into productive and healthy adults. The committee shall concern itself with issues related to youth, including but not limited to summer jobs, youth activities, volunteerism, and youth violence. The committee shall share oversight of public safety issues related to girls and women with the Committee on Public Safety. The committee shall have oversight with respect to the Boston Public Health Commission, Boston Centers for Youth and Families, Boston Youth Fund, Neighborhood and Community Health Centers, Women’s Commission, Commission on Affairs of the Elderly, and the Emergency Shelter Commission.