Arts & Culture

Committee Chair:

Councillor Wu

Committee Vice Chair:

Councillor O'Malley

Committee Members: 

Baker, LaMattina, Pressley

Committee E-mail:

Committee Description:

Committee on Arts and Culture which shall concern itself with the encouragement of arts, culture and the creative economy, including cultural development, humanities, performing arts, visual arts, film and filmmaking, music, public art, museums, arts education, arts organizations, creative-based companies, the support and funding of art and cultural amenities, and opportunities to display and/or present works. The committee shall also concern itself with fostering the creative environment and reputation of the city, including support for public art, arts events, and festivals, development of programs to empower arts organizations and arts supporters, retaining creative talent and ideas, and other actions to make the city a cultural and creative hub. The committee shall exercise oversight with respect to the Boston Art Commission, Boston Arts Lottery Council, Boston Film Bureau, or its successors, Midtown Cultural District, the Office of Arts, Tourism, and Special Events, and all agencies, departments, and programs related to arts and culture.