City Of Boston
Transportation Department
Performance Scorecard for March 2012 (Quarterly)
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Mission: The Boston Transportation Department’s mission is to promote public safety, manage the City's transportation network, and enhance the quality of life for residents of our City neighborhoods.

  • Consistently high meter operability
    Through its investment in new single and multi-space meters, the Boston Transportation Department significantly improved meter operability throughout the City. Operability rates are at 98% for single-space meters and multi-space units despite increasing the number of meters. Meter revenue also increased due in part to increased operability and more frequent visual inspections.
  • Ticket issuance goes up
    The Enforcement Unit ended the third quarter with a 14,000+ ticket increase compared to the first three quarters of FY12. This has been accomplished despite maintaining staffing below last year's levels. The department continues to hold regular Compstat meetings and utilize new reporting tools to increase accountability and efficiency.
  • Decrease in total tows
    During the third quarter, the Tow and Hold Unit experienced the retirement of Supervisor of Enforcement and the loss of four Vehicle Impound Specialists. These positions have been posted and the department is in the process interviewing candidates. These departures contributed to a slight decline in towing due to the personnel shortage.
MeasureYTD ResultYTD TargetPerformance
26879Total abandoned vehicle tows417.00487.50This measure represents the total number of abandoned vehicle tows by both the BTD and BTD contractors12793.gif
26877Total tows10,459.0011,025.00This measure represents the number of total tows for all reasons by BTD. 12792.gif
26839Tickets issued by Enforcement Unit1,004,566.001,125,000.00This measure represents the number of tickets issued by the BTD.  12791.gif
26845Pct. of traffic signals on-line90.3385.00This measure represents the percent of traffic signals which are linked to the Boston Transportation Department’s (BTD) traffic management center. This center, staffed by 3 full-time employees, allows BTD to monitor traffic from a number of cameras throughout the City.  BTD can adjust signal timing in real time in response to an incident. 12793.gif
26931Pct. of single-space meters in operation99.5098.00This measure represents the percentage of single-space meters maintained by BTD which are operable.12793.gif
672929Pct. of multi-space meters in operation98.0098.00This measure represents the percentage of multi-space meters maintained by BTD which are operable.12793.gif
26527Residential parking permits issued46,798.0042,750.00This measure represents the total number of residential parking permits issued by the Office of the Parking Clerk.12793.gif
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