City Of Boston
American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA)
Performance Scorecard for March 2012 (Quarterly)
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Mission: From improving city infrastructure, to investing in new construction projects, to supporting tax relief, the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) is having an major impact on Boston residents and businesses. This report tracks the status of ARRA funding.

  • Community Development Block Grant Funds at Work
    Tasty Burger is a welcomed addition to the Fenway neighborhood having replaced a former gas station that sat vacant for years on a major boulevard. The owners had a gap in funding and the City was able to assist thanks to a $100,000 ARRA loan that leveraged their $450,000 additional investment. The project created 22 jobs and the neighborhood received a new dining destination.
  • Energy Audits through Renew Boston
    Launched in August 2010 with Recovery Act funds, the Renew Boston Residential Energy Efficiency Program serves low to middle income Boston residents who have historically had a low rate of participation in energy efficiency programs. To date, over 6,000 comprehensive energy audits have been conducted in Boston's neighborhoods, with 1,675 no-cost home insulation services installed.
  • Liberty Wharf Redevelopment Project
    Liberty Wharf is a $30 million, 70,000 square foot redevelopment project that included the construction of three new buildings for the creation of four new restaurants, a significant amount of open space along the waterfront, and additional office space. The project replaced an underutilized parcel with year-round active uses that created more than 500 permanent jobs.
MeasureYTD ResultYTD TargetPerformance
1012491Total number of ARRA awards53.000.00This measure represents the total number of ARRA awards the City (including the Boston Public Health Commission, Boston Housing Authority and Boston Redevelopment Authority) has received directly or through pass-throughs. It includes competitive grants and formula grants. 12694.gif
1012811Total ARRA award amount273,213,934.700.00This measure represents the dollar value of ARRA awards received by the City (including the BPHC, BHA, and BRA). It excludes bond programs. 12694.gif
1012865Total ARRA award expenditure230,195,103.110.00This measure represents the total expenditure of ARRA funds by the City (including the BPHC, BHA, and BRA). It excludes bonds issued. 12694.gif
1013295Number of City jobs currently funded through ARRA607.390.00This measure represents the current number of City positions funded by ARRA directly through grants to the City.  It does not include City positions that were funded through ARRA in previous fiscal quarters but no longer are.  It also does not include jobs indirectly created or preserved in the private, non-profit or public sectors.  In addition, it does not include jobs created through programs funded with awards either passed-through to the City or received directly by the BPHC, BHA, or BRA. 12694.gif
1109310Number of ARRA projects started36.000.00This measure represents the total number of ARRA-funded projects underway. 12694.gif
1109364Number of ARRA projects completed17.000.00This measure represents the total number of ARRA-funded projects completed. 12694.gif
1109256Number of ARRA projects not started0.000.00This measure represents the total number of ARRA-funded projects not yet started.12694.gif
1033230Estimated savings from bond issuances13,053,369.000.00This measure represents the total dollars saved by the City by using an ARRA bond program. 12694.gif
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