City Of Boston
Property and Construction Management
Performance Scorecard for March 2012 (Quarterly)
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Mission: The mission of the Property & Construction Management Department is to manage, maintain, repair and provide security for the City's municipal buildings including City Hall and Faneuil Hall.

  • Major Construction Projects Completed
    In the third quarter of FY12, the Capital Construction Division substantially completed a variety of major construction projects including building envelope repairs at Agassiz School in Jamaica Plain, renovation of the Edison Schoolyard in Brighton and building entry improvements at the Fire Alarm Building in The Fenway.
  • On-Going and Future Projects
    Capital Construction managed the selection process for architectural services for improvements to the BTD Collection Facility in Central Boston and roof and HVAC improvements at the Family Justice Center in the Back Bay. We also completed design and/or selected contractors for the New East Boston Branch Library and major energy improvements at Charlestown High School.
MeasureYTD ResultYTD TargetPerformance
26825Requests for graffiti removal3,343.001,387.53The City receives a variety of requests for graffiti removal through the Mayor’s Hotline or other sources. Graffiti Busters, the division of PCM that removes graffiti, focuses on the removal of large-scale tagging, vulgar or graphic graffiti, and graffiti that is on private property. Other divisions of the City, including the Parks Department, Boston Public Schools and the Public Works Department handle most graffiti removal on property under their supervision. 12813.gif
26823Locations receiving graffiti removal3,329.001,312.47This represents the number of locations receiving graffiti removal. 12813.gif
27486Pct. of graffiti removal calls responded to within 36 hours4.976.00This measure highlights the volume of removal requests that are for graffiti that is graphic or vulgar in nature. Most graffiti requests handled by this division take far longer to respond to, in large part because the City needs a waiver from private property owners to remove graffiti from their property. Due to possible budget constraints in the future, the City may reduce the amount of graffiti removal service it provides for private property12811.gif
26767Attendees to special events506,600.00350,000.00This is an estimate of the number of people who attend major special events on City land. 12813.gif
26813Animals adopted at Animal Shelter157.00127.50This is the number of animals that are adopted from the Animal Control Shelter. 12813.gif
27413Pct. of animal control complaints responded to97.8790.00This measure is the number of animal control complaints responded to within a given month divided by the total number of complaints. In some cases the department may proactively perform more actions in a month than were requested, leading to a result higher than 100%. 12813.gif
26779Projects substantially completed19.0017.25This represents the number of City construction projects, managed by the Property & Construction Management Department, that are “substantially completed.” Substantial completion is a construction term referring to projects that are more than 99% complete, or those that are opened to public use except for minor items that do not materially impair the usefulness of the work required by the contract. 12813.gif
26795General contractors selected for capital projects16.0013.50This represents the number of general contractors selected to construct capital projects that are managed by the Property & Construction Management division. This measure is a rough proxy for the number of construction projects, managed by this department, that have broken ground in this fiscal year. 12813.gif
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