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Parks Department
Performance Scorecard for March 2012 (Quarterly)
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Mission: The mission of the Parks and Recreation Department is to maintain clean, green, safe, accessible and well-programmed park land for the City's residents.

  • Parks Department Offers Free Programming
    Free programming in our parks continued during this period with indoor activities at the Franklin Park Golf Clubhouse in Dorchester such as a Critter Exhibit, puppet show, crafts, and movie. Outdoor activities included the launch of geocaching at several sites in the parks to encourage residents to get outside and explore various park properties.
  • Taking Care of Boston's Trees
    Parks tree crews continued to address tree-related issues, including, continuing tree care, and ensuring that during emergencies public ways continue to be free from storm-related debris. Our stewardship of trees in the city during this period included an examination of trees in Copley Square Park impacted by canker stain disease and holding public meetings on removing trees.
  • 2012 Boston Flower & Garden Show
    Mayor Thomas M. Menino is joined by the guest lecturers at the 2012 Boston Flower & Garden Show Preview Party fundraiser held March 13 at the Seaport World Trade Center. The experts included Patti “Garden Girl” Moreno of Roxbury (right), Nancy Mangion, owner of Beekeepers’ Warehouse (left), and Dr. Gustavo Romero, editor of the Harvard Papers in Botany (rear).
  • Boston Blooms Program Remains Popular
    Many members of the public continue to respond enthusiastically to Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s Boston Blooms Program. As part of the program, “seed grants” were offered by the Parks Department to qualifying neighborhood groups in March and almost 75 applications were received.
MeasureYTD ResultYTD TargetPerformance
27229Park maintenance requests completed2,017.001,750.00This measure represents the number of parks maintenance requests the department completes. Sources of requests include calls, emails and letters either directly to the department or to the Mayor’s Hotline.12773.gif
27227Parks maintenance requests received2,004.002,000.00This measure represents the number of parks maintenance requests the department receives. Sources of requests include calls, emails and letters either directly to the department or to the Mayor’s Hotline.12773.gif
27528Pct. of park maintenance requests completed100.6591.00This measure represents the percentage of parks maintenance requests that the department has completed. 12773.gif
27249Park permits granted1,607.002,575.00This measure represents the number of permits issued for the sue of a park to date. Permits are issued for such things as the use of ball fields for games or park areas for special events.12771.gif
27243Revenue received from all sources3,824,569.004,500,000.00This measure represents the total dollar amount raised to date in the Fund for Parks and Recreation for that fiscal year.12771.gif
27247New park partnerships established3.007.50This measures represents the number of partnerships between the department and various community partners for the programming, maintenance and improvement of Boston parks. 12775.gif
27307Street trees maintained/pruned1,085.00700.00This measure represents the total number of street trees maintained and/or pruned in a given month. Trees are inspected both before and after the pruning occurs.12773.gif
27323Street trees planted500.00350.00This measure represents the number of street trees planted. Please note that performance measurements for some activities during this quarter show no activity, including, the measurement “street trees planted.” This is due to the fact that the Parks Department has some seasonal activities. For example, no new trees were planted in this time period and no plants were put in the gr12773.gif
27309Street trees removed174.00375.00This measure represents the number of street trees removed.12771.gif
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