City Of Boston
Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT)
Performance Scorecard for March 2012 (Quarterly)
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Mission: The Department of Innovation and Technology is the City's enterprise-wide technology services organization providing solutions that enable our business partners across all City departments.

  • Website sustains record setting pace
    The City of Boston’s websites welcomed over 2.4 million visitors in the second quarter, above its YTD target of 2.25 million visitors, continuing its trend to surpass last year’s record setting total. The City’s websites offer constituents and visitors an easy means to access information, perform multiple transactions and request city services.
  • DoIT Service Desk improves performance
    DoIT’s Service Desk has recorded several months of above target achievement for work orders being resolved within their service level agreement (SLA). In fact, the recent performance has raised the year-to-date result to just shy of 85%. These results help keep city-wide productivity strong by ensuring that desktop IT tools remain available and functional to employees.
  • Employees benefit from training initiatives
    DoIT continues to benefit from “The CoB/UMass Excellence in Technology and Innovation Program,” a partnership between the University of Massachusetts-Boston and DoIT to offer employees a comprehensive training curriculum in technology, communication and business management. Enrollment continues to exceed expectations; resulting in large numbers of employees utilizing these skills.
MeasureYTD ResultYTD TargetPerformance
863263% availability of database environments99.6495.00This measure represents the percent availability (or uptime) of the City’s multiple database environments. These databases are required to run key City applications, including constituent services, geographic and information services (GIS) and the City’s website, The results exclude scheduled downtime. 12723.gif
1206586Visits to the City's public website (,884,063.006,750,000.00This measure represents the number of unique visits to the City's website, Note that a visit is an interaction a unique visitor has with a website over a specified period of time or activity. 12723.gif
26985# of Cable programs produced3,095.001,800.00This measure represents the number of cable programs produced for public television. Beginning in FY09, this measure also includes web programming produced by the Cable Office. 12723.gif
1245007% of permits and licenses issued online43.7775.00This measure represents the percentage of permits and licenses issued online. 12721.gif
865111% availability of mainframe systems (including DB2 database)98.8699.00This measure represents the percent availability (or uptime) of the City’s key mainframe systems. These systems are required to maintain critical City operations, including enterprise financial and human resource platforms. The results exclude scheduled downtime. 12722.gif
1236661% of Uptime of City's website - cityofboston.gov99.6999.00This measure represents the percentage time in which is up and operational.12723.gif
1186926% of IT Service Desk Internal Work Orders Completed on Time84.6985.00This measure represents percentage of TrackIT work orders closed during the month that were closed under the Service Level Agreement (SLA) goal time for the work order of that type. TrackIt refers to the work order/ticket tracking software that DoIT utilizes to manage any service request assigned to the department. The SLA time for a work order varies by case type. 12722.gif
862794# of City Employees Completing Technology Training Courses669.00337.50This measure represents the number of City employees taking basic PC skill courses in Microsoft Windows and Office, in addition to training in specific applications related to financial management, human resources and constituent services. 12723.gif
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