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Fire Department
Performance Scorecard for March 2012 (Quarterly)
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Mission: The Fire Department is an organization of dedicated professionals who are committed to serving the community by protecting life, property, and the environment through prevention, education, emergency medical and fire services.

  • Multiple alarm fires down
    Although the Boston Fire Department responded to an increased number of incidents, including building fires and medical incidents in the third quarter of FY12 compared to the second quarter of FY11 the number of multiple alarms dropped significantly from 43 to 33 or a 23% reduction. The total number of incidents increased 1.5% in the third quarter of FY12 over FY11.
  • Fewer firefighters per tour on injured leave
    In the third quarter of FY12 the number of firefighters per tour on injured leave totaled 25. This compares favorably to an average of 26 in the second quarter of FY11.
  • Decrease in average age of frontline apparatus
    While the average age of front line apparatus has hovered around 8 years for the past twelve months, the department plans to take delivery of 3 new ladder trucks and 3 new engines in the current calendar year which should reduce our average age and contribute to our goal of remaining under the 8 year average.
  • Fire Department aims to reduce response time
    In the third quarter of FY12, the Boston Fire Department responded to 67% of all calls in four minutes or less. This response time which is lower than the longstanding target of 70% is attributed in part to the impact of winter weather in the months of January and February, totaling 8 inches of snow.
MeasureYTD ResultYTD TargetPerformance
535566Avg # firefighters/tour who are absent due to injury24.5022.00This measure represents the average number of firefighters who are absent from regular duty due to injury. 12741.gif
25623Multiple alarm fires33.0040.50This measure represents any response requiring additional personnel and equipment beyond that required for a working fire (multiple alarm) and any fire requiring additional personnel and equipment beyond that required for an initial response to a fire (working fire).12743.gif
25661Building/structural fires3,092.002,550.78This number represents those calls related to building and structural fires.12741.gif
25823Number of responses to fires4,217.003,947.22This represents the actual number of fire responses.12741.gif
27433Pct. of calls responded to in under 4 minutes66.6970.00This represents the percentage of overall calls arrived at the scene in under 4 minutes.12742.gif
25833Avg. age of frontline apparatus8.247.50This measure represents the average age of the frontline apparatus of the Boston Fire Department.12742.gif
25515Pct. of fires in which cause is determined97.4994.00This represents the percent of suspicious fires in which a cause is identified.12743.gif
543399Cause and origin investigations242.00225.00The measure represents the number of cause and origin investigations conducted by the Fire Department.12744.gif
25483Incidents responded to54,420.0053,331.03This number represents the total number of all calls for service.12744.gif
445899Medical incidents as a % of total incidents45.9943.00This number represents the percentage of calls responded to that are of a medical nature.12744.gif
25485Medical incidents responded to25,030.0022,932.00This represents the number of medical calls for assistance.12744.gif
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